Furling-/ and Reefing Systems

BARTELS furling and reefing systems are simply perfection – whether they are fitted on the deck or hidden underneath. They are the most reliable and simplest systems to operate, even when the going gets rough. Furling and reefing systems from BARTELS are tried and trusted solutions for both traditional and professional racing yachts. BARTELS provides manual, electric or hydraulic technology for yachts up to 100 feet.

Stainless Steel-/ and Wire Processing

Our customers need to be able to rely on our steel ropes. This is why we take our responsibility very seriously, from the initial design of our stainless steel and wire cables to their actual production.  For BARTELS – specialists in stainless steel processing and steel ropes – precision and quality are paramount for ensuring the excellent reputation of their steel ropes throughout the world. 

Railway Components

Our aim is to always provide customers with the best solution. Numerous patents, international testing, long-standing membership of the Cenelec standards organisation and the introduction of titanium and CFK as new materials in the construction of pantographs form the pillars of BARTELS' rail engineering division.

Individual Awning Systems

Our shade sails are higher durability solutions that are tailored to our customers' specific needs. Customers can rely on almost 50 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel products and sails. Expertise in both of these fields forms the foundation for our family-run business and allows us to manufacture premium-quality furling shade sail systems under the BARTELS name.